You don’t have to look too hard to find stories of great British businesses that started from home life. In fact, it’s more and more common now for business owners to utilize their homes instead of spending valuable money on office spaces. This often results in a great work-life balance and a significant reduction in overheads. However, it isn’t a simple thing to do from a legal standpoint, and there are a few barriers in the way. For one, you may not want your home address listed publicly on Companies House, your website and other places. Another issue that plagues many business owners are restrictions imposed, not by Companies House, but by the property market. In fact, many rental agreements and even mortgages state that you cannot run a business from your home address. As a business owner, this leaves you with a problem.

Luckily at Berkshire Accountants, we have the solution. We understand how much you value your privacy, and the flexibility of working from home. So instead of registering your business at your own address, or using a shell address that’s home to thousands of other businesses, you can use our address instead. This means that your business would be registered to our address at Companies House, and all official post would be sent there. If we are your accountants as well, we can handle this for you, so you never have to deal with the dreaded brown envelopes again. Or, if you prefer, we can forward any letters on to you at your chosen address for a nominal annual charge of £225, covering up to 15 letters a month (redirection of post is charged separately). This means we can guarantee you will be able to maintain your privacy, run your business from your home and avoid any legal difficulties further down the line.

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